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We can all use the advice of a licensed professional when it comes to taking care of our skin, but we don’t always have the time. Whether it’s due to a hectic work schedule or lifestyle, not all of us can make it to the dermatologist to get that personalized skincare session that everyone should ultimately get.

That’s why I was excited to be introduced to Beauty By Design, which curates a personalized skincare box for each of its clients catered to your needs based on a simple text-message consultation and a selfie (yes this is real life). Ahead, my experience with the buzzy new skincare service.

Get The Most Radiant Skin Of Your Life In Under 30 Days

beauty by design
To start, I jumped on the Beauty By Design website to sign up for my free consultation and quickly learned that it would all be done via text. Hark! The brand sends a small survey about your skin and what you’re looking to fix, which takes maybe two minutes and covers everything from age group to skin type to skin concerns, budget and outdoor lifestyle. Next, an assigned esthetician is added to the chat to answer questions and ask me to provide a selfie. (No filter, obviously).

I listed my top concerns as dark spots, eye circles and acne in my survey, which my aesthetician Hillary confirmed after looking at my selfie.

We discussed plans of attack for each issue, starting with my dark spots. Hillary gave me the rundown on hyperpigmentation, why it happens and how the right combination of brightening ingredients and dark-melanin inhibitors can help combat the issue. This is already way better than taking a guess in the skincare aisle.

beauty by design
We then moved on to discussing acne and managing it with products that decongest pores, reduce inflammation and kill bacteria.

Lastly, we discussed my under-eye circles, which have been an issue since my teens. I don’t have a lot of puffiness but I struggle with dark shadows. Hillary explained that because the tissue around our eyes is the most delicate and vulnerable part of our face, it needs special care to revitalize and soothe. She felt a targeted eye treatment would relieve my darkness by encouraging micro-circulation. She also recommended that I use an SPF during the day and advised me to use non-chemical formulas only, as they would likely contribute to inflammation that causes darkness.

beauty by design
At the end of the 15 minute-session I was assigned five specially selected products targeted to my skin concerns. A renewing cleanser, detoxifying treatment, brightening moisturizer, eye gel and SPF 30 mineral treatment. Thanks to the explanations I didn't feel overwhelmed and nothing required changing my regular routine much. Again, there's that convenience factor. I took a look at my cart and was shocked at how affordable the prices actually were—everything ranged from $22 to $36 (kudos to the customization process, as it seems budget is in fact taken into account!).

I will say what I liked the most about the entire experience was the speed and convenience factor. I couldn’t help but think about how much time I could've wasted driving, checking in and having a full-blown visit with a dermatologist.

I'm now on week four of using the treatments, and I've noticed my skin is looking much more even-toned. I feel that the SPF has played a significant role in this (and doesn't feel like a thick layer of product sitting on top of my face). The brightening moisturizer has also been effective in giving my skin a nice glow ... looks like I found my new skincare routine. And I didn't even need to leave the house.

*If you’re having serious skincare issues that you feel should not be ignored, you should always consult the help of a dermatologist or doctor.
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Beauty By Design Reviews

age: 18-24; Goshen, IN
"they simplified my life by matching me with the best products for my skin"
After looking high and low for a well made skincare regimen, I was overwhelmed with choices. Not only did Beauty By Design meet all my must haves in a product; they simplified my life by matching me with the best products for my skin and skincare goals. My esthetician was friendly, diligent and even followed up with me multiple times after receiving my products. The products themselves feel luxurious and naturally smell wonderful. I noticed my skin felt smoother and appeared less red after only a week of use. I would highly recommend Beauty By Design to anyone and everyone!

age: 25-30; Kennewick, WA
"I was happy to find BBD"
It was easy and reasonably priced. My options were to pay a specialist price ($65) to see a doctor, rolling the dice that it was someone who really cared or listened to me, or going to Ulta or Sephora and asking a non-doctor seller there. Both were not what I wanted to do, so after several years at that bypass, I was happy to find BBD.

age: 18-24; San Diego, CA
"so much better than guessing"
It is so much better than guessing what works for my skin and having to try many different products. Going through the consulting process with my Esthetician has already taught me so much about my skin! Also she informs me about what is in the products I will be using and the benefits to them.

age: 60+; Swedesboro , NJ
"a win win situation"
I Love my Esthetician and how she specifically picked out products that are my true concerns and needs. I’m also pleased that I could adjust my orders according to my finances at the time. I also am pleased about the 30 day guarantee. This sounds like a win win situation and I’m hoping I get even better results than with the skincare I’m currently using. I think my Esthetician and I will be friends for a long time to come.

age: 51-55; Oakdale, CA
"Quality, professional products and advice at a fair price"
I think this Concept is AMAZING!! I LOVE the products and the PERSONAL Service. VERY convenient and informative. Quality, professional products and advice at a fair price.

age: 18-24; Eagle, ID
"love being able to personally communicate with skincare expert"
I have never found another website quite like this one! I love being able to personally communicate with a skincare expert who is willing to work with me to better achieve my skincare goals! My Esthetician is incredibly helpful and patient and was there to answer all my questions and concerns. I can’t wait to receive my products and start testing them out!

age: 51-55; Bastian, VA
"The products are incredible. The service that accompanies these products make them even more precious."
I love having an esthetician to speak with regarding my skin concerns. I have aging dry skin. It certainly does not fit into the typical summer and winter skin routines large manufacturers recommend. After 60 days I touched base with my Esthetician. We tweaked my skincare a bit. I love that! I am thrilled with Beauty By Design. The products are incredible. The service that accompanies these products make them even more precious.

age: 51-55; Oakdale, CA
"I am Excited to get My GLOW Back!!"
WOW!! I LOVED the personalized caring service that my Esthetician blessed me with!! I am an Esthetician and was at a loss as to where to go and which products I needed at this time in my Life!! There are a Sea of Products out there and it can become OVERWHELMING even to a professional!! I trusted her to design MY perfect Skincare and she did Not Disappoint!! I am Excited to get My GLOW Back!! Thank you my Esthetician With ALL My Heart :)

age: 31-35; Long Beach, CA
"Skincare is an overwhelming process for me, so being able to trust someone...made the process so easy."
My Esthetician took everything into account with my lifestyle as well as how much skin has drastically changed as a mother. She explained the product choices in detail and assured me that she would be available to walk me through the process as soon as my products arrive. Skincare is an overwhelming process for me, so being able to trust someone with years of experience made the checkout process so easy. No more information overload! :)

age: 18-24; Glassboro, NJ
"skin care made for you and your specific needs"
I have received alot of information i did not know before that has really helped me in my daily routine such as washing my face with cold water. Little things like that have made such a difference. I would describe it as a skin care made for you and your specific needs with people who are willing to teach and inform you on proper skin care

age: 46-50; GLENDALE, AZ
"very reasonably prices for the expert and customized ongoing service"
My Esthetician is amazing and responded very quickly. She customized products with wonderful ingredients. I am very excited and so grateful to have discovered this service. I have been frustrated as to what skin care to use on my maturing skin. Looking forward to receiving my order and improving the look and feel of my complexion. It is also very reasonably priced for the expert and customized ongoing service that BBD provides.

age: 31-35; Shawnee, KS
"marked improvement in the look and feel of my skin."
I have suffered with severe redness and inflammation in my skin over the past 2-3 years. Nothing I have tried has helped. In just three days I have seen marked improvement in the look and feel of my skin! I'll be forever grateful for these products!

age: 25-30; Seattle, WA
"I haven't had products work like this EVER!"
I'm already thinking about when to restock -- I haven't had products work like this EVER on my skin! I benefitted from the personalized care, being able to ask any questions to a real person, and knowing I'm using the perfect products for my skin type and skin concerns.

age: 25-30; Cupertino, CA
"the best products for my skin"
My Esthetician has been amazing! She has been texting me all day and answering all of my little questions, and even made changes after we were talking more to give me the best products for my skin.

age: 25-30; Belvedere, CA
"I am really liking my recent shipment"
I am really liking my recent shipment from BBD! My mom asked me what I was doing to my skin! 😉 And moms notice EVERYTHING!

age: 31-35; Paterson , NJ
"I'm so confident now, I could even go without makeup."
I'm thankful that I can across these products because all the products that I bought in the stores were not working for me. Since I started using these products I started seeing results immediately. If I stop using these products I'm scared that my face would go back how it was. I'm so confident now that I could even go out without makeup.

age: 41-45; Yuma, AZ
" face is so smooth I am getting color back. Thank you is not enough for me!"
Thank you is not enough. My skin was so irritated, sensitive, very oily , cystic bumps, I mean the list goes on. But since I started to purchase the products you recommended my face is so smooth I am getting color back . So thank you is not enough for me.

age: 36-40; Los Angeles, CA
"Highly recommend for all skincare and beauty needs!"
My Esthetician is the absolute best! So knowledgeable and personable. She really makes this feel like a boutique, specialized experience, and I know I'm getting a natural, high-quality product backed by her expertise. Highly recommend for all skincare and beauty needs!

age: 18-24; Santa Monica, CA
"high quality products, qualified esthetician, and arrives at my door"
the products are high quality and i don't have to go out and try to find specific things that work for me, i know there's a qualified esthetician picking it out and it just arrives at my door.

age: 36-40; Chesapeake , VA
"a skincare regimen that actually works"
Thank you for curating a skincare regimen that actually WORKS for my skincare needs. My Esthetician is AWESOME!

age: 41-45; Cave Creek, AZ
A+ My Esthetician was very patient and listened to my concerns. She was great!!

age: 51-55; Citrus Heights, CA
"(The) process couldn't have been easier."
My Esthetician is amazing. She is so friendly, helpful and informative, this process couldn’t have been easier. Thank you, BBD, for creating this concept and for assigning my Esthetician to me. I feel very lucky.

age: 36-40; Odessa, FL
"(the products) have been working nicely for me"
My Esthetician is so kind and helpful! She was able to determine products that would address my skin issues (rosacea, sensitivity, serborrheic dermatitis, hyperpigmentation) and they've been working nicely for me.

age: 18-24; Beaufort, SC
"My Esthetician blew me away."
My Esthetician blew me away with her promptness & willingness to answer any & every question/concern I had. She made a point to let me know I could reach out to her anytime, not just for the initial consultation.
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