Taco Belle Dress is a Fast food Loving Dress

taco belle

Taco Bell‘s hugest fan-made wondrous Mexican-food-themed apparel that everyone should taco ’bout.
Meet Olivia Mears, the nature costume maker after this beautiful “Taco Belle” dress. She changed herself into true crunchy power with a dress that’s making tons of love on Reddit and Imgur.
According to Mears, the tacos are hand-painted card stock, silk paper, and felt. As for the heads that line her bust? They’re Taco Bell covers. Unused, of course. No way she would get sour milk and Fire sauce all across the rest of the garment.

People have come drowning in with their gags on the Reddit thread, referencing everything from “Beauty and the Feast” to “Pita Pan.” 

Mears went viral a few years ago when she unexpectedly became Taco Belle by attending a Taco Bell dressed up as Disney’s Belle.

Beginning this year, she was highlighted in a Taco Bell advertisement for the Sriracha Quesarito wearing yet different dazzling dresses. You can take her twirling at the 0:03 mark.

Squeeze your inner fast food princess by moving into this magic Taco Belle dress. Crafted by fashion stylist Olivia Mears, this Beauty And The Beast inspired dress is crafted from hand-painted cardstock, tissue paper, felt, and real Taco Bell covers.

She’s the best princess in our books. 
Photo via Avant-Geek/Imgur